Hi Karen,
Thank you for this opportunity. You're always thinking of these great ideas...
I fear this could be a long one if make a true attempt at telling you all about my mom. She is truly awe-inspiring because for all the things she does, she does with a handicap. You see, my mom was born deaf. However, she makes no excuses, even with this handicap, she is fully capacitated when it comes to being a full-time mom, wife and amazing woman. She came to this country at a very young age, having to learn English as a second language and only through hard work and perseverence, since she could not hear the language spoken, did she achieve so much in her adoptive country. She graduated top of her class at Hollywood High, class of 1960 and went on to college but dropped out to help her family out financially.
After marrying my dad she went on to raise 4 successful children. Although we’re all grown, she continues to be a full-time mom to my younger sister, who’s in her 30’s now, since my sister was born with Soto Syndrome and is of special needs. Talking to my mom, however, you will hear her say all of her children have special needs just that my sister’s requires a bit more time and attention. It’s true. I, myself, am needy. After the birth of both of my daughters, my mom stayed home with me after postpartum set in and she never left my side, sleeping on my couch even though she had recently undergone back surgery. Her selflessness knows no bounds. She is the glue that keeps us all together – literally,  it seems, since my dad has heart disease and diabetes and my sister’s continuous care, makes her a round-the-clock nurse and caretaker. Today, May 4th, happens to be her 69th birthday and I would love nothing more than to surprise her with a makeover as she talks about the lack of time to get to her “roots.” I failed to mention that before having children, she was a hairstylist herself and this came in handy growing up, since she would cut all of my family’s hair. However, during my teenage years, as my school dances and prom approached, I sadly learned that her hair styling was stuck in the 60’s and I went to my dances with the most vintage look, even though it was the 90’s and I didn’t want my hair teased. I just couldn’t bring myself to tell her that I didn’t like the beehive look. I look back on those times and smile. She only had the best intentions in making me look stunning for the dance.  Because I don’t know how to do hair, the least I could do is nominate her for this opportunity to get pampered, if only for a day, since she has to get back to being full-time amazing mom.
Thank you again for this opportunity.
Best regards,
Monica Moreno-Nagami
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