There, my mother sits on the edge of my bed in a sleeveless dress with little flower patterns looking so radiant as ever. She embraces me with her loving arms and showers me with all the hugs and kisses a child could ever ask of a mother. I remember this moment like if it was yesterday. I was 6 y/o, sick in bed urging to play with my friends on a beautiful summer day. My mother stayed home with me to give me the tender loving care that she displayed upon us everyday of our lives. My mother is a lively devoted mother who gives much love, time and patience to us children and everyone around her. Her features never change, very much her kind eyes, her mouth so firm and her generous and beautiful shape. My mother is our teacher of life. She guided us to display kindness upon others and face life with no regrets. My childhood is one of many happy memories as my mother is a piece of my puzzle of life.

My mother enters her doctors office smiling as she just heard the news that her grandson will be moving closer to her. Her doctor greets her with a slight look of concern and ask of her to please join him in his office. As he compliments my mother for looking so radiant after being diagnosed with lung cancer 3yrs ago, he begins to speak in a soft tone. 'I'm sorry to say, the cancer has now spread into your liver and bones'. There, at that moment when I heard the news, I felt like if a truck came out of nowhere and ran me over, I would welcome it. That is how bad the news hurt. My mother's response to this devastating news was 'I will live a life of sorrow and joy'. 'I will continue to create moments of joy, while navigating harsh life-threatening realities.' My mother, always so brave and so elegant to any battle she has ever endured.

My mother never makes complaints or oblige us to take care of her, to make more time with her but for sure she wishes for us kids and grandchild to be near her when the time comes for her to leave. This is our life now with our mother, my beautiful mother. We stay near her as she did all of our lives. I salute you mom, for who you are and whom you've helped me become.

This is a story dedicated to my mom who continues to enrich my life.

My mother deserves life, if it includes one day of pampering than I nominate her......

Thank you STARR Salon for giving me an opportunity to express my life, my life with my mother who is for ever be a part of who I am.

Mireya Perez-Brambila

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